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Corporate Philosophy

Hologram has always dazzled people’s eyes, but in the eyes of K Laser team, it is the beautiful and elegant solution to many things, including battling counterfeit, ID protection, authentication, and application in the realm of fashion and design. Here in K Laser, we captured the mesmerizing glisters of hologram and present to our customers the elegant and cost-effective solution to safeguard their product and enhance their designs.
Established in 1988, K Laser was a small company growing under steep global competition. Armed with a working team that is eager to learn, passionate about research and development, and the new technologies continually acquired, K Laser is now the largest publicly traded holographic company in terms of market share. This dramatic growth is achieved by K Laser’s ability to innovate, obsession for good design, dedication for quality of life, and the company’s mission of being a friend to the Earth.

1. Ability to innovate
K Laser’s management team deeply believed that the core advantage of any manufacturer is continuously R & D investment; only with innovative ideas and technological solution, a company can progressively face the challenges, win out the competitions, and meet the market demands.

K Laser has successfully experimented with many unlikely materials for hologram, such as PET film, lithic paper, and leather, or apply our hologram to items such as credit cards, cellular phone buttons, clothing, and cosmetics. This is just some of the examples of how we challenge ourselves, and deliver a more creative solution for customers. In 2003, we had introduced 3 new types of holograms, and the progress goes on to keep K Laser ahead of the competitions. We are here ready with sophisticated solutions, and more new ones to come.

2. Obsession with Good Design
Good ideas need to be realized with good designs in order to become a successful product. K Laser not only have a creative team to come up with innovative ideas, we also are obsessed with good design to make our products better; and as a result, adding value for our customers??products and services.
Our obsession is allowing our hologram design to become a part of art, while still maintains the safeguarding function. Not only credit card companies choose to use our hologram to enhance it look and feel to better attract their target customers, the design itself is also heighten the technical barrier for counterfeit production. The beauty of our design also attracts the eyes from fashion, cosmetics, and other industries. K Laser’s hologram is definitely no ordinary hologram; it is more than meets the eyes.

3. Dedication for Quality of Life
Different customers have different needs, and K Laser’s team is ready with intellectual and technologically capacity to provide tailored solutions to all our customers. The customers might choose to use our holographic products to protect their product or brand identity from piracy, forgery, or contaminations. K Laser’s holographic solutions help to distinguish the originals from the counterfeit, ensure the consumers can enjoy the original and authentic products with the best quality, and thus lower the risk of damaging their equipment, design, resulting work, financial status in case of credit card, or even health.

Through excelling on what we do, K Laser is able to serve our customers and business partners, while contribute to the general public’s well being, making our everyday lives safer, richer, and with quality.

4. Being a Friend to Earth
K Laser is a responsible corporate citizen to the world. Not only our holographic product is helping to protect the intellectual properties and resulting products around the world, providing an additional safe defense to product contamination, we are also investing efforts to be more eco-friendly when doing our business.
We follow the eco-friendly motto of "reuse, reduce, and recycle" in order to minimize the impact we caused on the environment. We choose to use durable materials such as PET film, its durability not only satisfies our customers, its quality also eliminate the waste produce due to damage or defects. Paper is also a commonly used recyclable material for hologram production, but our effort does not stop there; we also experiment with recycled materials such as lithic paper made of finely grained stone to achieve different effect. The new alternative helps us to preserve the trees, and makes the Earth greener.
Certainly, all our production plants are built according to local regulation, and are finely designed to operate in a clean and safe way that is causing the least damage possible to our earth.

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