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In order to improve the future generations through the promotion of sustainable development. We, K Laser, need to establish partnerships with our supply chain. Most of all, suppliers and us should be in strict accordance with the social responsibility, including environmental protection, labor rights, health and safety, risk management and ethics regulation, and also disable the use of conflict metals.

Contact Window: Joseph Chang
E-mail: josephchang@klasergroup.com

Sales Services

K Laser technology Inc. was established on Apr. 29, 1988, set up the Headquarter in Hsinchu Science Park, as the world’s largest publicly supplier of holographic film, foils, papers, glitters and yarns which are widely used in security, packaging, printing and decoration. We have 10 sales offices & distributers globally (including Asia, Europe, America), develop the fully integrated marketing channel to provide the local service with high quality & efficiency.

If you have any inquiries for related business, please feel free to contact us as per following:

Headquarters Sales Department Contact Window: Jacky Chen
E-mail: jackychen@klasergroup.com

Employee Relations

K Laser technology Inc. gathers employee feedback through various channels, which allow employees to express their opinions adequately and freely without any duress. The organization works hard to maintain a strong and healthy employee-employer relationship. If employees have concern over employee-employer relationship, benefits, job related, working environment, personal health issues, etc., he/she can provide feedback through the channels below, and a designated associate will be assigned accordingly.

Contact Window: Sunny Huang
E-mail: sunnyhuang@klasergroup.com

Investor Relations

K Laser hosts investor conferences on a nonscheduled basis and uploads the relevant presentation materials on both K Laser and the Taiwan Stock Exchange’s websites, to enable investors to make informed investment decisions.

Contact Window: Teresa Huang
E-mail: klasergroup@klasergroup.com

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