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Security Solution
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Security Solution
In light of searching for security measures to stop counterfeiting, holograms often rise as the most cost-effective devices because they are easy to apply and identify but difficult to duplicate. Holograms are widely used to protect bank notes, value documents, ID cards, transaction cards, and branded products from counterfeiting. We at K Laser can combine multiple sophisticated features, materials, and processing methods to create customized solutions for various applications.
Stereo Relief
K LASER has excellent optical research and development capabilities, focus on the development of holographic effect. We launch new holographic effect which combine holographic and image to call it as Stereo Relief.
Metallic Stereo Relief
Color Stereo Relief
Crystal Stereo Relief

Holographic QR code
K LASER design holographic effect QR code instead of printing. Holographic Effect QR code is a combination of anti-counterfeit holographic effect with the QR code for the product genuine authentication purposes. Reliable data can be saved for product tracking control purpose and providing counterfeit protection.

Animation Hidden Image
Currently hidden image which is image or word can be projected on the screen by laser pointer. The projection point will be moved by different point of hidden image. It will be very difficult to have animation effect. K LASER develop the new software. We upgrade this technology to project it on a fixed spot and make it have animation effect.


Cap-up Foil
A longing with the fake alcohol and perfume products pop up in the market to damage their original brand, K Laser figures out the solution to help them to protect it. Cap-up Foil is hot stamping foil which can be hot-stamped on caps and be tolerated 300 times abrasion resistance. More specifically, it's the unique foil that only K Laser can produce it to enhance client's brand value-added. It is feature of:
Abrasion resistance 300 rubs
Alcohol resistance
Good adhesion with caps
Customized design


Card-in Film
Card-in Film is made of PVC material with unique hologram pattern from Shim plate and compatible with White board through normal lamination process.& Further, it is no problem with chip embedded which is different from cracking and bending issue of other composite materials to enhance card's value.

Card Structure of& Card-in Film:

Note: for further& info. of this product, please refer to& Card-in User Guide& in& Download Cataglog of left& side.

Register Printing Label
Register Printing Label is a brand new anti-counterfeit label solution.& It features various of holographic patterns into one, and then combines precise register printing onto these associated holographic patterns. The margin of error between associated holographic patterns and printing can be controlled within +/-0.5mm.& Its excellent holographic effect and design, associated ability to mix the various holographic patterns together, and precise register printing enhance greatly the authentication solutions.

Register Printing Label Process:

Note: for further& info. of this product, please refer to& Register Printing& in& Download Cataglog of left& side.

Holo Fragile Label
Holo Fragile Label is that& substrate itself can be easily teared up and gets anti-counterfeit function. Besides,it is combined holographic effects& to& transform& normal fragile label look and to& create double security function. This holo fragile label is capable of preventing used products to be reused after packaging opened or avoiding label re-sticked on fake products through peeling off the original label from goods, such as alcohol,electronic products...etc. Now this label has been applicated on famous eastern European Vodka already.

Security Label
Using advanced holography technologies, we can create multiple security features such as 3D images, covert letters, microtext or nanotext in a small self-adhesive label for authentication. Using demetalization process, we can add serial numbers or bar codes to enhance the security and logistic functions. We can also make them into tamper evident labels with custom break patterns or destructible labels. Security labels are easy to apply and inexpensive to integrate with existing manufacturing operations.

Registered Hologram
Registered holograms are made by embossing hologram images onto hot stamping foil, and are applied for registered placement using registered hot stamping process. Registered holograms are used to protect currency, credit cards, value documents such as checks, certificates, vouchers, and tickets...etc. It also can be stamped on documents and pass through laser printer. They can also be used on packages for protection and branding. Depending on the design of documents or packages, we can customize the size, shape, and security features of the holograms to meet your requirements.
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