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Paper & Paperboard
Paper is one of the most common packaging materials seen today. While holographic paper and paperboard can be used in the same ways as plain metalized paper/paperboard, holography brings its own unique kinetic effects that greatly increase the shelf appeal. K Laser's holographic paper products consist of two families: the PPR Series and the F Series. Both series feature bright, colorful refractive hologram patterns and excellent printability.
PPR Series
The PPR Series is made by embossing holograms directly onto paper. Therefore, PPR series is 100% recyclable paper and has the same overprinting, crease and fold characteristics as conventional paper. The products are ideal for conversion into gift-wrap, shopping bags, tags, labels, boxes, and stationery such as cards, stickers, and folders. 
F Series
The F Series is made by laminating PET or OPP films to cardboard. The F series products also have all the overprinting, crease and fold characteristics of conventional paperboards. Thanks to the film laminates, the board is more durable and water-repellant on the film side. Most commonly seen applications include shopping bags, tags, boxes, and stationery such as cards, and folders. 
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