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Explore our products available in an extensive selection of patterns, effects and finishes, providing endless possibilities to enhance your brand through creativity.

K Laser offers a wide range of film, foil and paper products in holographic and Fresnel lens effects. We help our customers to elevate brand values and protect brand identity from counterfeiting.

Our latest interior decorative film products are designed to enhance the style of your home or office. LEARN MORE >

Our products are simply classified into 3 categories:

A: Films & Papers * **

B: Foils

C: Security Solutions


  * K Laser is FSC™-certified. You can find the registry of SGSHK-COC-330756 and SGSHK-COC-330655 on

  ** K Laser is certified for HP Indigo 12000 / 10000 on-shot simplex, please contact us for more information.

A: Films & Papers

Category A includes Lamination Film, Laminated Paper, Transfer Film and Eco-Paperboard.

K Laser’s laminate products are available in various materials such as PET, PVC and OPP; and our eco-paperboard products are available in various specs according to customers’ specifications.
Applications include labels, flexible packaging, and packaging for alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics, and decorations.

B: Foils

Category B includes Hot Stamping Foil and Cold Foil.

K Laser’s foil products are available for various printing applications. Our hot stamping foil products are available for applications in a wide range of paper, leather, labels and laminates; and our cold foil products are available for special applications including labels, packaging, soft tubes and shrink wraps etc.
With 15 years of research and development, our cold foil products are now available with KOLDfoil ONE process. Our proprietary KOLDfoil ONE process enables the same roll of foil to be used for flexo, offset and digital printing, which triples the advantage of your cold foil capabilities.

C: Security Solutions

Category C includes customized holographic design services.

With our advanced origination capabilities and our in-house professional designers, K Laser can offer you customized holographic designs in film, foil and security labels.

Get inspired by our product applications in packaging, label, decoration, fashion and security solutions.

Films & Papers

Laser One
Laser Two
Laser Three
Laser Four
Laser Five
Lens Two
Lens Three
Lens Four
Lens Five
Others One
Others Two
Laser six
Laser seven
laser nine
laser eleven
Lens six
Lens seven
Lens eight
Lens nine
Lens ten
Lens eleven
Lens twelve
Lens thirteen
Lens forteen
Laser Fifteen


Cold Foil One
Cold Foils Two
Cold Foils Three
Hot Stamping Foil One
Hot Stamping Foil Two
Hot Stamping Foil Three
Hot Stamping Foil Four
Hot Stamping Foil Five
Hot Stamping Foil Six

Security Solutions

Security Label One
Security Label Two
Security Label Three
Security Label Four
Security Label Five
Security Label Six
Security Packaging One
Security Packaging Two
Security Packaging Three
Security Packaging Four
Security Packaging Five
Security Packaging six
Security Label seven
Security label eight
Security label nine