Collaborative Design

Holographic Origination

K Laser has been devoted to developing advanced and reliable origination technologies to provide professional and customized holographic origination design service to our customers.


One-step Stereogram

One-step stereogram uses software to collect and transfer image information to an LCD panel to produce object beam. An optical system is built to guide the laser beam, which is then used to record images onto a photo-resistant plate together with another reference beam. One-step Stereogram enables us to reproduce full colors and 3D images on a hologram master.


Matrix Writer®

Matrix Writer® is a proprietary system developed by K Laser Technology, using laser direct writing method to record the holographic fringes and waves on a photo-resistant plate to generate the grating. Matrix Writer system helps us create fine, colorful virtual 3D images.


E-beam Technology

This technology features high resolution and precision, using electron beam to record the profile of the holographic fringe on a photo-resistant plate. E-beam Technology enables us to engrave very fine images with rich colors.



AISECURE integrates cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology into brand protection solution. This innovative solution offers brands fast and precise hologram identification capabilities, empowering our clients to effectively authenticate the genuineness of their products. LEARN MORE>

Security Features

3D True Color

Natural color holographic image combined with 3D effects

Features: Graphical Natural Colors, Dynamic 3D Effects

Color Lens Stereo Relief

Stereo Relief Colored relief image combined with lens effect

Features: Holographic Hues, Lens Effect, Surface Relief

Crystal Stereo Relief

Achromatic image with distinctive visual effects

Features: Highly Reflective, Achromatic, Surface Relief

Holographic Stereo Relief

Holographic image combined with embossing effect

Features: Holographic Hues, Surface Relief

Kinematic Guilloche

Complex, precise lines can be visualized from varying angles

Features: Dynamic movement, Intricate Fine Lines


Image or text with metallic texture

Features: Non-Diffractive Rainbow Colors, Flowing Effect

Multi Channel

Displays different images from various viewing angles

Features: Image Flip

Multi Layers

Different layers of images can be visualized from one viewing angle

Features: Layered Images, Virtual Depth

Nanotext + Microtext

Texts with heights between 25um to 100um and can only be visualized under a magnifier

Features: Nanosized Text


Image or text can only be revealed under flashlight

Features: Covert Text and Image

Hidden Image*

Image or text can only be revealed under green laser light

Features: Covert Text and Image

*Security features can only be revealed under special reading devices.

Creative Design

Our extensive product line offers endless possibilities with your creativity, hundreds of holographic and Fresnel lens patterns will take you into a whole new scope. K Laser can provide samples to help you with new ideas, we can also offer collaborative design and sample printing services upon request.

K Laser support qualified designers and design students with sample cards or tips on product applications. We can also hold workshops at studios or colleges on topics of creative design and product applications upon request.

Technical Support

Do you need more information on product specification or seek advice on applications? Our professional team at K Laser can provide answers to your questions and offer advice. We can also recommend reputable partners for your projects. Contact us for technical support.