Goodbye seamlines.

Developed by K Laser using proprietary technology, Tru-Seamless is the latest innovation in thin film technology, helping our customers to optimize productivity and efficiency.


+ High production rate


+ Short lead time


+ Reduced integrated cost & waste

Welcome to
the world of Tru-Seamless

Experience Tru-Seamless patterns live, breath, and dream.


Horizontal Pillar of Light - SC

Mini Sparkles - S002



Rainbow - SA

Shattered Glass - S003

Vertical Pillar of Light - SB

White Pillar of Light - N001

Fresnel Lens

Diamond - F005

Double Lens - F019

Honeycomb - F013

Large Circular Overlapping - F011

Medium Circular Overlapping - F021

Medium Square - F023

Small Circular Overlapping - F009

Small Square - F001